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Gary Caplinger - Mayor Pro Tem, City Council Member Place 5 / Real Estate Agent, Ebby Halliday:
"Mayor Steve Terrell is an outstanding public servant. I have observed his dedication to Allen and he seeks what is best for the city. He has served the citizens admirably; effectively handling the inevitable growth that has occurred while maintaining the quality of life we all enjoy today. I have always believed in the rule "If it is not broken, don't fix it" I urge you to join me in following this rule and re-elect Mayor Steve Terrell."
Chris Schulmeister - Principal/Chief Financial Officer, SMB Financial Advisers:
"Mayor Steve Terrell is a proven leader exhibiting vision without losing touch with Allen’s past. The citizens of Allen have witnessed a tremendous amount of growth during his time as Mayor. Every step of the way, Mayor Terrell has made it a priority to balance growth and quality of life for all Allen residents. There have been many successes under his leadership; successes that should make all Allen residents proud. Yet, there is still work to be done. To make sure the successes of the past are carried forward to the future, I encourage all Allen residents to re-elect Mayor Steve Terrell.""
Kathy Litinas - Chair, Board of Directors at Allen Arts Alliance
"I have had the privilege of working with Mayor Terrell on numerous projects and have always been impressed by his consistent strategic vision for the community of Allen."
Judy & Jim Morrison
"We will be talking to everyone we know and encouraging them to get out and vote for you because we know you will put the citizens of ALLEN first!"
Michael Schaeffer - President of the Board for Allen Economic Development Corporation; Principal The Alder Group
"I'm proud and honored to have worked along Mayor Terrell on multiple Economic Development projects. His leadership in structuring effective public/private partnerships has elevated Allen's prominence as an economic hub in North Texas that helps drive down our residents' taxes while becoming one of DFW's most desirable places to live. His decisive execution of the vision the Allen voters set in motion 20 years ago has been nothing short of remarkable. For Allen's sake, Vote Steve Terrell for Mayor!"
Richard Buchanan, former Allen City Council member
"Look around Allen and if you think it's a great place to live and raise families, that didn't happen by accident. Mayor Terrell has been a focused leader and guiding influence for 20 years."
Luke Hollingsworth
"I have always respected Mayor Terrell and appreciated his genuineness and dedication to the city of Allen and its residents."
Jim Harper
"Steve. I think it is very important for you to remain mayor of Allen. Under your direction, the residents of Allen voted to add an amount to the then Texas Sales Tax, to be used by the city to attract commercial development and employment. One only has to drive through any part of Allen to see the results of those monies at work for the citizens of Allen...THANKS TO YOUR Leadership.

I am Proud to vote for Steve Terrell to continue to lead this great city into the future."
Tess Armstrong
"I have lived in Allen for over 20 years. I have seen first hand the progress our little town has grown. We have a great city and it's due in large part because of your efforts and dedication. I can certainly have my bail bond business in McKinney like most of the others in our county however, this is my home town and I take great pride in serving the needs of our community. I'm very proud to say I live and have my company in Allen.

Thank you for your many years of service."

Collin County Association of Realtors
Tabassum Ahmad
Terry Ainsworth
Ron Alexander
Stephen Allen
Wanda Ammerman
Mary Armstrong
Tess Armstrong
Jamee Arrington
Tommy Baril
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Bethany Bennett
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Bill Bolak
Mark Brewer
Tonya Brewer
Kristin Brevard
Richard Brown
Donna Bruer
Steve Bettley
Carolyn Bettley
David Bishop, Former City Council member
Bonnie Bishop
Malissa Bonnin
Morgan Bonnin
Dr. E.T. Boon
Kristina Brevard
Tom Brian
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Stephanie Brittain
The Honorable Baine Brooks
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Laura Buchanan
Richard Buchanan, Former City Council member
Ken Byler
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The Honorable Gary Caplinger
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George Chrisman
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Carl Clemencich
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Tracey Cline
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George Chrisman
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Chris Diltz
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Lin Doss
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Joe Farmer, former Mayor
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Kenneth Fulk, former Mayor Pro Tem
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Geoben Johnson III
Steven C. Jones
Olin Jaye
Sam Jones
Heather Jones
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Debbie Jones
Sameena Karmally
Jim Kerr, former School Board President
Carolyn Kerr
The Honorable Kurt Kizer
Melinda Kizer
Melissa Kumnick
Chris Kumnick
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The Honorable Jeff Leach
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Ann Levitt
Kathy Litinas
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The Honorable Louise Master
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Gary Rodenbaugh
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Bev Strawn
Pete Struthers
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Dan Stubbs
Mark Stout
Debbie Stout, former Mayor Pro Tem
Victoria Sublette, former School Board President
Tim Sublette
Joel Summers
Brenda Summers
Ed Swierenga
Ann Tabinowski
Dale Tabinowski
Gene Terrell
Brenda Terrell
Billie Terrell
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