Pamela Smith, Former Allen ISD Board

"I've long thought, going back 20 years, that Steve Terrell would make an exceptional Collin County Commissioner.  Collin County, especially Precinct 3, needs strong leadership to draw transportation dollars and expand its tax base while lowering it's tax rate...and Steve has the background/track record needed to accomplish just that. Having served myself on Allen Planning & Zoning Commission, McKinney Planning & Zoning Commission, Collin County Historical Commission, Allen ISD School Board and Sachse City Council...I know wholeheartedly, that Steve Terrell has what it takes to get results in transportation and economic growth for the benefit of the communities represented in Precinct 3."

E.T. Boon, DDS - Former Allen ISD Board

"Steve changed the perception and attitude of how business was done in Allen, TX.  He took a town that was hard to do business with and almost overnight made it a friendly and successful community."

Dave Bishop, DDS - Former Allen City Council

"Steve is a great man.  He is a true patriot.  When it comes to the dollar bill in the city budget, this guy knows how to do it and does it very well.  No one can capture the essence of discussion better than this man.  Steve knows everyone and works well with anyone - you need this is politics."

Steve Matthews - Former Collin College Board

"Steve has been a great choice as Mayor of Allen.  He led and managed the city through tremendous extended growth.   He will bring value and experience to the county. "

"People do not realize how many organizations have benefited from Steve Terrell.  He helps behind the scenes in a very quiet way.   I am certain several of these organizations would not exist had it not been for the support of Steve Terrell."

Kevin Lilly - Former Mayor, City of Allen

"Steve's leadership kept Allen together through phenomenal growth, and because of his leadership, Allen is a great place to live and do business.  Steve started the equipment replacement fund for our police and fire so that we could plan for the future needs of Allen.   Steve has a wealth of knowledge and a true pulse on this community.  He spends the time and always listens.   He knows how to plan for the future success of Collin County."

Jerry roth

"I think Steve did an outstanding job as Mayor of Allen and I know he would do an even better job as Commissioner. "

Elected officials

Sam Johnson - US Congressman

 Florence Shapiro - Former State Senator 

Jodie Laubenberg - Former State Representative

Terry  Box - Former Collin County Sheriff 

George Fuller - Mayor, City of McKinney  

Eric Hogue - Mayor, City of Wylie

 Harry  LaRosiliere - Mayor, City of Plano

Ray Smith - Mayor, City of Prosper

Baine Brooks - Allen City Council   

Gary Caplinger - Allen City Council 

Carl Clemencich - Allen City Council

Kurt Kizer - Allen City Council   

Chris  Schulmeister - Allen City Council  

Rick Franklin - McKinney City Council

Rainey Rogers - McKinney City Council

Andy Hardin - Collin College Board

 Fred Moses - Collin College Board

Louise Master - Allen ISD Board of Trustees 

 Vatsa Ramanathan - Allen ISD Board of Trustees


Susan Bartlemay - Former Mayor Pro Tem, City of Allen   

Dave Bishop, DDS - Former Allen City Council   

E.T.  Boon, DDS - Former Allen ISD Board   

Gregory Brewer - Former  Collin County District Court Judge 

Darren Culberson - Former Mayor, Town of Fairview   

Don  Day - Former McKinney City Council   

Phil Dyer - Former Mayor, City of Plano   

Pat Evans - Former Mayor, City of Plano

Joe Farmer - Former Mayor, City of Allen   

Mac Hendricks - Collin College Board   

Joey Herald - Former Allen City Council   

Thad  Hesley - Former McKinney City Council  

Frank Kerby - Former McKinney City Council  

Kevin  Lilly - Former Mayor, City of Allen   

Brian Loughmiller - Former Mayor, City of McKinney   

Maher Masso - Former Mayor, City of Frisco   

Steve Matthews - Former Collin College Board   

Ross Obermeyer - Former Allen City Council   

Melissa Owen - Former Mayor Pro Tem, City of Allen

 John Payton - Former Justice of the Peace   

Mickey Pierson - Former Mayor, City of Allen   

Ray Ricchi - Former McKinney City Council   

Robin Sedlacek - Former Allen City Council   

Mike Simpson - Former Mayor, City of Frisco   

Lissa  Smith - Former Plano City Council

Pamela Smith - Former Allen ISD Board   

Gary Stocker - Former Allen ISD Board   

Debbie  Stout - Former Mayor Pro Tem, City of Allen   

Lonnie Thomas - Former Allen City Council

Bill Whitfield - Former Mayor, City of McKinney

outstanding citizens

Ron Alexander   

Linda  Alexander   

Tommy Baril   

Holly Baril 

Amin Bata  

Steve Bell   

Steve Bettley

Carolyn Bettley

Doug Biggerstaff   

Colleen Biggerstaff   

Larry Bina   

Nancy Bina   

Bonnie Bishop    

Carol Bolwman

Julie Brooks  

Meagan Brooks 

Christine  Caplinger 

Gaye Caplinger

Tate Caplinger

Ty Caplinger  

Jack Carpenter   

Robert Carpenter   

George Chrisman   

Maryanne Chrisman   

Laurie Clemencich   

Jimmy Copp   

Becky  Copp   

Bill Cox

Carson Doss*   

Ray Eckinroad   

Judy Farmer   

Tammi Ferguson     

Mark Friedman

Briston Garner

Jenny Garner

 Lyric Garner-Waugh 

Michael Garner

 Craig Gillis   

Jennifer Gillis   

Terry Green

Pam Guth   

Dennis Guth   

Stephanie Guth

David Guth 

 David Hicks 

John Ho  

David Holt

Kristen Holt

Josh Howard

 Gordon Illausky   

Sue Illausky 

Dean Jackson

Cora Jackson

Cassidy Jacobs

Luke Jacobs

Craig Jones   

Debbie  Jones   

Joe Joplin

Carmen Kay

Shahmeem Khan 

George Kio

Barbara Kio  

Melinda Kizer   

Alan Koffman, DVM  

Billy Lewis   

Linda Lewis   

Jeanine Lilly   

Tim Litinas   

Kathy  Litinas   

Donna Loughmiller  

Sara Marsh 

Danny Mason

Mike McChesney   

Hugh McGee   

Nancy McGee 

Justin Miller  

Rachel Monday   

Marty Monnat   

Margaret  Monnat

John Montgomery   

Judy Morrison   

Jim Morrison   

Joan Niece   

Charles Niece  

Byron Nielsen   

Jodi Nielsen   

 Marilee Obermeyer   

Saundra O'Connell

Linda Overton    

Mike Overton, DVM   

Tommy Palmertree   

Jeff Peavy   

Brandan Pogue

Dan Ptak

Rhonda Ptak 

Michael Puhl

Jeff Reinhard

Martha Reynolds

Jerry Roth

Jim Rushing

Janet Sartin

John Sartin 

Steve Satterfield   

Michael Schaeffer   

Dina Schaeffer  

Jeannie  Schulmeister

Steve Sedlacek 

Kathy Smith

Melinda Snider   

Duane Snider   

Vickie Snider   

Gwen Snider   

Ed Spears   

Mona Spears   

Shirley Sprague   

Jack Stinnett

Mark Stout   

Kristine Stubbs   

Daniel Stubbs   

Joel Summers   

Brenda Summers   

Scott Sutherland   

Amber Sutherland   

George Tayhan   

Gene Terrell   

Brenda Terrell   

Billie Terrell   

Craig Terrell   

Aaron Terrell   

Frankie Thomas

Suzette Thomason   

Johnny Thomason   

Ben Trahan   

Peter Vargas   

Cheryl Vargas   

Preston Whisenant   

Mike Williams   

David Williams   

Kellie Williams   

Blanche Williams   

Jane Wilson   

David Wilson   

Robert Winningham   

Meredith Winningham  

Brandon Workman 

John Wroten   

Lee Ray Wroten   

Marilyn Zimmerman

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